Our Perth Property Management Specialists Prevent Nightmare Tenants, Costly Vacancy & Stress… Guaranteed

Our 4-Strong Peace of Mind Guarantees will help you sleep better at night knowing your properties are completely under control:

Perth Property Management that Rents Your Property Quickly

Rented Quickly

We will find you High Quality Tenants within 21 Days OR Your First 3 Months Management Fee is Free*

Perth Property Management that finds you High Quality Tenants

High Quality Tenants

Our extremely thorough application screening process assures top quality tenants. So if our managers have to evict them, you will not pay any re-leasing fee to replace them.

Perth Property Management that has Great Communication

Great Communication

We promise to return your phone calls and emails within the same business day OR we pay YOU $100.

Exceptional Perth Property Management Service

Exceptional Service

We’ll promptly see that any service issues are rectified or provide your next 3 months management fee free. Then if we continue to repeat the same issue, you will be free to terminate our agreement.

Investing Done Right = Freedom

Investing in a property is about more than just whether you can come up with the money to purchase it in the first place… it’s about strategically managing your current assets to build your wealth in a way that makes sense for your life over the long term.

Which means that if not done really well, poor Perth property management will rob you of the only limited commodity in the world: time.

See, the true measure of wealth is not just the number in your bank account. It’s what you’re able to do with your life and it all comes down to having the right property manager.

If you’re spending all your time and energy chasing down tenants or after your property manager, trying to solve problems, and stressing about what will happen when next month’s lease expires… is that the kind of life you wanted when you began your investing adventure?

Me Neither... I Didn't Want to Worry About Anything!

Jarrad speaking about his Perth Property Management Company
Photo Above: Jarrad Presenting Our Unique Approach to 300 Property Managers on the Gold Coast in QLD

So I did what you’ve done: searched for a property manager to take care of the day-to-day hassles so I could focus on working hard in my engineering job while enjoying my spare time with family. But I was let down time and time again… by property managers who didn’t place the high value on my time that I needed them to.

Frankly, I wanted someone who could take everything off my shoulders so I didn’t have to worry about anything…

That’s why in 2008 I created Investors Edge Real Estate.

We quickly became the go-to resource for investors all around Perth – winning award after award (we’re the most-awarded Perth property management company over the last 12 years) and I began teaching other property managers how to better help investors like you.

The results we’ve gotten for our clients made our expertise highly sought after and awarded in our industry.











LPMA 2017 Leasing Excellence Award Finalist


How do we do it? Simple: we focus on what matters to you:

   High-quality tenants that pay on time, look after your property, and don’t cause you headaches (guaranteed).

   Prevent rental vacancy with our 21-Day Rented Quickly Guaranteesaving you time, stress and money! 

   Open & clear communication channels so you’re never left in the dark about what’s happening with your property (guaranteed).

  Highly personalised service from one point of contact handling your leasing and management while really getting to know you and your property.

   Reduce costly maintenance issues with our proactive approach to troubleshooting… saving you hassle and money! 

   Detailed rental price analysis to make sure you’re always getting the best market rent for your property. 

   Weekly payouts to improve your cash flow.

   Expertise and experience across the whole of Perth with each of our managers living locally to their portfolio so…we know your area inside & out.

   We are all property investors ourselves… so we know what it means to own a property and we take your side.

Our job is to help you focus on investing and living your life… NOT spending all your time chasing after rent or following up with your property manager who should be doing their job.


Don't Just Take My Word For It...

  • YJ Kim recommends Investors Edge Perth Property Management

    YJ Kim recommends Investors Edge Real Estate

    In the past decade, | have dealt with 6 property management companies and by far investors edge takes the number one spot. Jarrad has done an excellent job in building this business and has a highly motivated team including Emma and Jewayne. | am most impressed by their response time and great communication. They have been very helpful with the renovation process and have given me a lot of good advice. Investors Edge prioritises the owner’s interest first which gives me confidence and | hope they will continue to do a good job in the future.

  • Zayne Ismail recommends Investors Edge Perth Property Management

    Zayne Ismail

    3 reviews

    As an interstate investor, | wanted to ensure that | found a property management agency who | could trust and Jewayne from Investors Edge did not disappoint. He was very professional, honest and always on the ball Jewayne kept me informed along the way and was very thorough with providing alll the information | needed. His attention to detail was second to none and | would be more than happy to sign up any future investment properties | purchase with Jewayne and the team

  • Nicholas Horstman recommends Investors Edge Perth Property Management

    Nicholas Horstman

    1 review

    | would highly recommend Investors Edge to those seeking a Perth property management firm. Excellent levels of communication, attention to detail and understanding the specifics of the property being tenanted. Very quick to respond to queries as wall as liaising between the landlord and tenant regarding any issues that arise

    My property manager has been exceptional, | would highly recommend her services.

    The process from initial home open to final inspection is seamless with the whole team going above and beyond to obtain the best outcome for you.

    lf you are considering a property manager, it certainly can do no harm to discuss the objectives you are looking to obtain with Investors Edge.

  • Anita Morrissey recommends Investors Edge Perth Property Management

    Anita Morrissey

    1 reviews

    My husband and I have a rental property 500km from where we live. We needed a property manager that we felt would look after our property like it was there own. We have been with Lauren for 3years and she has exceeded all our expectations Thank you again Lauren for your professionalism in managing our property and finding us great tenants.

We have hundreds of stories from property owners and investors who all sleep better at night knowing their properties are being tightly managed by Investors Edge Real Estate

Will your story be next?


Hi, I'm Jarrad Mahon

As I mentioned above… I spent years searching for a Perth property management company that could handle my needs as an investor and look after my property as if it was their own. And the truth is… I just couldn’t find one that was able to meet the demands of my tenants and still keep my interests as an investor in mind.

I knew what it was like to have to manage my manager… and I saw firsthand how that cost me tens of thousands of dollars and plenty of sleepless nights.

Investors Edge is truly a company created BY investors FOR investors… whether you are renting out your home for the first time or are building an empire. 

We currently serve over 700 landlords at all stages of their investing journeys… and I’m confident that we can help you, too.

Let’s start with a free rental price check – see what the market rate for your rental property is based on our up-to-date market values and in-depth experience…


Are you ready to LET GO of the high-stress property management struggle?

It starts with a Free Rental Price Check from the Perth Property Management Specialists

Is professional property management right for you? If you are looking to lease or rent a residential property from a professional real estate company, there’s a lot more involved than just collecting the rent each month. From tenant showings to screening rental applications to handling maintenance issues, rental property management can be a busy job. You won’t have to worry about being woken up by phone calls for emergency repairs in the middle of the night either.

By managing these tasks and many more, a real estate management team saves property owners time as well as money and having to worry about anything. Our industry leading leasing specialists can handle duties such as after hours or weekend viewings, communications with potential renters, processing rental applications, and ensuring you get the advice need to make the right decisions.

Our professional property management Perth services include troubleshooting and preventative maintenance to solve issues before they become costly emergencies. Our hundreds of client reviews speak for themselves. Both property owners and renters alike, feel the benefits of our services making them invaluable. Whether you’re based in South or North Perth, look no further than us for your rental properties. Give our residential property managers a call on (08) 9472 1606. Unlike other real estate agencies, our worry free services help you make the right decisions to get ahead.


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