Episode 83: Migration Insights with Anthony Tran

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In today’s episode, I’m having a chat with an old friend, Anthony Tran. He’s a senior migration agent with Kingsbridge, and has excellent insights to give us on why people are looking to move to Perth and what sort of impact this may have on our property markets. 

Together, we talk about why people migrate to Australia and specifically to Perth, how long the migration process might take, where migrants are mainly coming from, typical buying and renting patterns, Anthony’s predictions for the migration levels over the next few years, and a whole lot more. 

We’ve got lots of interesting things to cover, so let’s go inside!


Episode Highlights:


  1. Intro [00:00]
  2. Anthony’s Sales Background [00:48]
  3. Anthony’s Duties and Responsibilities [03:25]
  4. Why do People Migrate to Perth? [07:15]
  5. Migration Process and Timeframe [12:50]
  6. What is FIRB? [15:42]
  7. What Do Migrants Usually Do? [17:11]
  8. Why Migrants Choose Perth Over Other Capital Cities [20:34]
  9. What Countries Are Migrants From? [24:42]
  10. Predictions for Migration Levels in the Coming Years [25:37]
  11. Outro [29:12]

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