How do you find a good Property Manager?

While many investors put a huge amount of effort into finding their investment property, they rarely spend the time looking around for a good Perth Property Manager. A good property management team essentially offers the investor piece of mind that there biggest investment is in safe hands and reaching its full growth potential.


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Too many landlords choose property manager based on their fees alone. This is very short sighted because like anything we all know that we get what we pay for and those managers that are willing to heavily discount their fees usually really need the business and cant win a landlord over on service and experience. If you choose an agent due to their cheap fees, it may end up costing you much down the line due to miss management of your property.


Many landlords look to choose the local real estate agent because they “know” the area. However most local agents don’t know property investing and don’t have a dedicated leasing specialist solely focused on leasing your property. So what you find is that their property managers fit tenant viewings in during work hours at times that suits them and not after hours when they best suit the tenant. Of course when maintenance items come up and rental reviews are required, they don’t have the investment mindset to get the best outcome for you.

A Good Property Management Agent should say “YES” when asked:

  1. Does your agency specialize in Property Management?
  2. Is the Principal or a Director directly involved in Property Management?
  3. Do you own any Investment properties yourself?landlord handing over keys
  4. Will you personally manage all my properties regardless of where they are located in the Perth Metropolitan area?
  5. Will you personally inspect my property at least 4 times per year and provide me with written reports including photos? If not, who does the inspections?
  6. Who is responsible for arranging and following through on maintenance when required?
  7. Will I receive my rent payouts weekly & fortnightly?
  8. Do you guarantee your service and my satisfaction?
  9. Can I move my property management at any time,not being locked into a contract?

Good luck with finding a right property manager for you, the best one could be right under your nose 🙂

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