How to Find a Great Property Manager

If you find a great property manager in Perth, it can make the difference between a very successful investment and a mediocre one. Because profits compound over a period of years, every dollar you make or save now is worth a lot more down the road. We believe in our own team of Perth property management , and recommend that you call us for more information.

Property Managers

But, if you’re not sure, we invite you to look around, and would like to provide you with a few questions to ask prospective property managers for your investment properties. We have included our own answers to these questions for comparison.

Are you property management specialists or does your company specialise in sales?

We specialise in managing investment property. Everything we do works in synergy with property management. We are a one-stop firm for all things that have to do with building wealth through property investment.

Is the Director or Principal an acting Property Manager?

Ours was the REIWA Property Manager of the Year in 2010/2011.

Do you currently own any investment properties?

All of our property managers are investors themselves at with different levels of investing experience but all understand your needs as an investor.

Will you personally manage all of my investment properties in Perth and surrounding areas?

The answer here is a resounding “yes.” We currently manage properties in 105 Perth suburbs and investors enjoy having one point of contact.

Will you maximise my rental prices?

Our leasing specialist is available after hours and weekends, and has over 10 years of experience in leasing. Not only will we get the maximum for you, but we will also sign renters to long-term leases with conditions for rent review that maximise your cash flow and minimise your downtime.

How often will you personally inspect my property and give me a written report?

Your portfolio manager will inspect your property at least four times a year, and will provide both a written report and photos.

How do I know you will stay motivated to keep my house rented?

Your leasing officer and property manager only gets paid when you do. Their salary is directly tied to performance so you will find them incredibly motivated to keep your property rented at market rates. We have found this keeps our teams interests aligned with yours.

This sounds great. When can I get started?

Right now. Call 1300 472 427.

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