Perth Property Insider Ep. 10: Perth Property Development Proposed R-Code Changes with Aaron Sice

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As a Perth property investor, you might be wondering how the proposed medium density R-Code changes will affect you. Will it impact your profits? What adjustments do you need to make? 

Luckily, we are about to get the inside scoop from a special guest today. 

The Assistant Director of Building & Planning (WA), Aaron Sice, joins us as he shares his view on Perth property development. We take a deep dive into the proposed R-Codes changes to medium density housing and the potential impacts those will have on the market.

Take a seat and listen to this valuable episode so you can prepare for the changes that are coming! 

Episode Highlights:

  1. Aaron’s background and where he is now [02:22]
  2. The nuances Aaron has seen in Perth property [04:00]
  3. Things could have been better [07:38]
  4. Property development is actually risky [11:40]
  5. It’s not about ratcheting things up, find a niche and run with it [14:21]
  6. Who is property development for? [16:43]
  7. Find what works for you then wash, rinse, repeat [19:11]
  8. Common mistake that trip people up: Not hiring a project manager [20:39]
  9. Tip for land development: Submit planning and DA applications concurrently [22:56]
  10. What to look out for in the R-Code changes for medium density [23:59]
    • Increase in density bonus in different site categories [24:22]
    • Single bed dwelling concession is now being a small dwelling concession [26:42]
    • Landscaping mandated for single-tier dwellings [28:09]
  11. Areas of opportunity following the proposed changes [30:25]
  12. R-Code changes’ impact in the overall market [31:15]
  13. Perth is constantly changing [36:03]


About Our Guest:

Currently the Assistant Director of Building & Planning (WA), Aaron Sice is someone who has already seen what works and what doesn’t in Perth property development. He was previously a lecturer at REIWA for residential design codes and strategic developments and has worked with big developers as either an in-house or consultant, bringing with him his knowledge on the mistakes made by investors through the years.


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