Perth Property Insider Ep. 21: Finding Subdividable Properties that Stack Up – Part 1 with Jay Sidhu

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Are you wondering how to find a subdividable property that stacks up?… There’s quite a bit you should be looking at before you close the deal. 

To help you get an extensive understanding, I’m bringing in one of my previous guests. My good friend, Jay Sidhu from Vision Surveys Consulting, is back for another 2-part episode. With all the interest in finding subdividable properties, I figured it’s time we go over this in more detail so you know all the steps to take to avoid mistakes. 

So we’re going to pull everything apart and give you an inside view of how we would go about finding a subdividable property from where to begin searching, using intramaps, understanding split coding mistakes, what to do about bushfire-prone areas, other things to look out for and much more.

And wait for Part 2 where we’ll be covering costings, doing a feasibility, how much you should pay for it, the timing and strategy for developing that property including how to uncover some hidden potentials

There’s a lot to unpack so get started by tuning in now!

Episode Highlights:

  1. Where to begin the search for a subdividable property [03:23]
  2. Be clear with your end goal [07:13]
  3. Check out the potential competition in the area [08:38]
  4. Finding out the zoning of your property [11:41]
  5. Avoid these mistakes with split codings [12:31]
  6. Confirm the zoning with the council [16:22]
  7. Practical tips to finding subdividable properties [17:41]
  8. Where to find the coding [20:40]
  9. What are the things you need to be checking [21:27]
    • The front of the house affects the value [23:53]
    • Don’t forget to check bushfire ratings [24:53]
  10. Can you retain the front and still meet the minimum? [26:29]
  11. Using minimum lot areas for rear battle axe lots [28:11]
  12. Will doing an aerial view be sufficient? [30:00]
  13. Always consider if the town council requires a larger access way [32:15]


About Our Guest:

Jay Sidhu has been working in the surveying industry since 2009 before stepping into his Director role at Vision Surveys Consulting in 2019. His breadth of experience and insight helped him gain an advantage over other consultants in the area. Currently, he is a candidate for MBA with the Curtin Graduate Business School at Perth, WA.


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