Perth Property Insider Ep. 22: Finding Subdividable Properties that Stack Up – Part 2 with Jay Sidhu

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Let’s continue our discussion on finding a subdividable property that stacks up.  

For those who haven’t listened to Part 1 yet, I suggest you get into it first so that you’ll learn all the steps you need to take to avoid mistakes when starting your search. 

In Part 2 of my interview with repeat guest, Jay Sidhu from Vision Surveys Consulting, we’ll be going into the details of preparing an overall feasibility study. As an investor, you’d want to look at the costs and potential profit margins. Likewise, you’d need to decide whether this supports your strategy now or would it be better to develop the property later.

On top of that, Jay and I reveal some variations you can potentially do and how you can unlock hidden potentials.

Jump into this second part of our extensive discussion by tuning in now.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Things you should consider when putting up power and water utilities [01:14]
    • Your lock boundary could affect your loan [04:33]
  2. Visual inspections of slopes, trees, and fences 05:38]
  3. Ballpark costs for building a subdivision [06:58]
  4. Think what the end product is going to be [10:46]
  5. Check for survey strata and restrictive covenants on titles [13:33]
  6. Difference between creating a strata development vs green title [16:34]
  7. Profit benchmarks [20:03]
  8. The overall strategy for getting the profit you want [21:57]
    • Review all your contracts [23:56]
  9. Changes can hinder subdividing [25:06]
  10. Even small variations can risk your subdivision not pushing through [26:46]


About Our Guest:

Jay Sidhu has been working in the surveying industry since 2009 before stepping into his Director role at Vision Surveys Consulting in 2019. His breadth of experience and insight helped him gain an advantage over other consultants in the area. Currently, he is a candidate for MBA with the Curtin Graduate Business School at Perth, WA.


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