Perth Property Insider Ep. 26: Filling the Financial Education Gap – Part 2 with Lacey Filipich

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Should you buy an asset for growth or for cash flow?

In Part 2 of my talk with Money School’s Lacey Filipich, she and I discuss asset selection and negative gearing. She answers questions such as, “Should you prioritise cash flow or growth?”, “Should you pay someone to invest for you?”, and “How do you achieve financial independence sooner?”

This episode is sure to educate anyone on how they can make better financial decisions. So don’t miss this one as there’s really no better time than now to learn.

Tune in now to this exciting discussion.

Episode Highlights:

  1.  Choosing between growth or cash flow when property investing [00:53]
  2.  Negative gearing shouldn’t be your reason for buying [05:39]
  3.  Why you should allow yourself time to achieve mastery [07:46]
  4.  Think about multiple asset classes [10:00]
  5.  Should you just pay someone to invest for you? [11:17]
  6.  Is timing important when investing? [13:05]
  7.  How to start thinking long-term [16:49]
  8.  Does having the money solve your problems? [20:33]


About Our Guest:

Lacey Filipich is the Founder and Director of two education businesses, Money School and Maker Kids Club. Her goal is to help people become financially independent so they can be time rich. I’m known for translating financial concepts into plain English and breaking down what seems complex into simple, straightforward steps.

She is also an author, speaker, and volunteer. Her first non-fiction book, Money School, is out and really worth a read.


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