Perth Property Insider Ep. 37 – Transformational Renovations with Kellie Dobbie


Home renovations are huge undertakings, especially when you plan on renting or selling in the future. Planning for increased owner-occupier appeal ensures you receive massive returns on your investment.

Today I’m joined by Transformations Renovations Founder, Kellie Dobbie. With over 20 years of renovation experience, Kellie shares with us her insider tips and tricks for creating a dream home.

Find out how she plans and executes each renovation, and the common pitfalls you can avoid to save time, money, and effort.






  1. Transformations’ beginnings [02:41]
  2. Making renovations easier [06:00]
  3. Key ways to derail a renovation [11:30]
  4. Renovating during COVID [14:26]
  5. What you can do to add more value [15:26]



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About Our Guest:

Kellie Dobbie is the founder of Transformations Renovations Australia and has been in the home renovation business for over 20 years. She and her team work to create beautiful, meaningful homes for families across Australia.


Connect with Kellie through her LinkedIn or the Transformations Renovations Facebook page.



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