Perth Property Insider Ep. 55 – Mastering the Property Cycle with Michael Yardney

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How long will this growth stage of the property cycle last and how can we learn to master the cycles to make better decisions?…

Find out by joining me and Michael Yardney — one of Australia’s leading property investment advisors as we discuss what you need to know to master the property cycle, factors that influence the cycle, where we are in the property cycle at the moment, the X factors that can trigger our booms and slumps and what all this means for timing and asset selection.

Also, be sure to stay tuned until the end for Michael’s expectations for our property markets in 2022. Let’s go inside!


  1. Introduction [0:00]
  2. Perth in the property cycle at the moment [1:57]
  3. Property crashing in 2022? [2:41]
  4. How long do property cycles last? [3:16]
  5. Property cycles are driven by different factors [6:08]
  6. Main factors that affect a property cycle [7:41]
  7. Identifying where you are in a property cycle [11:13]
  8. Spotting the issues that truly matter to avoid analysis-paralysis [14:51]
  9. Long-term trends vs short-term trends: What you need to look at [17:31]
  10. Looking at 2022: These are the things you need to pay attention to [18:30]
  11. Why asset selection is so important [21:18]

About Our Guest:

Michael Yardney is Australia’s leading expert in the psychology of success and wealth creation and the author of 9 books including the international best seller Rich Habits, Poor Habits which has been translated into 5 languages.

He was once again voted Australia’s leading property investment advisor and this is the 5th similar award he has won in the last 7 years. Michael’s opinions are highly sought after and frequently quoted in the media.

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