Most Popular Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

Kitchen and bathroom renovations can make a big difference when you are trying to sell or rent your home. To gain the biggest return, choose your renovations wisely; it doesn’t do any good to pour money into an upgrade that won’t attract attention or over capitalizes the property.

In the Kitchen

Ventura-Homes-kitchen-1One of the absolute best things you can do for a kitchen that’s in need of some updating is to install new benchtops. Features such as high-gloss finishes, custom colors, sink cut-outs, and backsplashes can also be included. The most popular benchtop materials are granite and stone. Updating the cabinets is also a good idea, as they are a major focal point of the kitchen. You can give your kitchen a brand new look simply by re-facing or repainting the cabinets.

A new under bench double sink with flick mix tap is also an attention-getter, as is updated lighting, including lighting in specific work areas such as drawers or pantries. Finally, you may want to consider new appliances, as these can give your kitchen a fresh look as well as offering better energy efficiency.

In the Bathroom

Ventura-Homes-ensuite-1A new shower is one of the most effective upgrades you can do in your bathroom. Buyers often want great new features such as personalized lights, music, and temperature controls, or adjustable showerhead settings. A new bathtub can also go a long way – check out features such as foot massage jets and in-line heaters. Even something as simple as a footrest in a tub adds a touch of luxury that won’t go unnoticed. Updating basins and flooring are also great ways to give your bathroom a new look.

Even if you are working with a modest budget, a small-scale improvement such as new benchtops can provide significantly higher returns when you are ready to sell.

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