Keep Your Rental Properties Safe and Secure

One of the most important things you can do with your investment property in Perth is to make it safe and secure for your tenants. It is to your advantage to do so for two main reasons. First of all, tenants want to feel safe and are more likely to rent a property that is safe and secure than one that isn’t. Second, you are less likely to be held legally responsible for any damages if you provide a safe, secure environment for your tenants.

Here are some things you must do to keep your properties safe and secure.

Keep Your Rental Properties Safe and Secure

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are mandatory and have to be hard-wired into your electrical system unless it is a physical impossibility. This eliminates the possibility of a smoke alarm failing to function because of a dead battery. If you cannot hard-wire an alarm to your electrical system, you are allowed to use a lithium battery.

The number of smoke alarms you must have is determined by the amount of rooms you have and the amount of space in the home. Check with your property manager regarding regulations.


This is not mandatory yet, but will be in July 2015: deadbolts must be provided for all ground floor doors. Usually, these have a latch lock on the inside and a key lock on the outside. This configuration is recommended because occupants are less likely to be trapped inside during an emergency.

Porch Light

This is another requirement scheduled to take effect in July 2015, but we recommend having it done now if needed. All homes must have a porch light on the front porch that can be turned on from the inside.

Window Locks

This rule is pretty straightforward and required by July 2015: windows must have locks that can be opened from the inside but not the outside.

Swimming Pool Barrier

Swimming pools must have a barrier around them which prevents children, especially small ones, from inadvertently falling or jumping into the pool. The stakes are very high on this item as it can save lives. Rules vary from council to council, but make sure your pool is secure.

Hire the Professionals

At Investors Edge, our Perth property management team can put compliance on autopilot for you. Call 1300 472 427.

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