Winter Problems for Tenants

In winter, there are a different set of rules for protecting your house in Perth due to divergent weather conditions. As the weather changes from hot to cool, it also brings with it heavy amounts of rain, wind and hail. Our Perth property management team makes these recommendations for all tenants.

Perth Flood

Before a Storm

Remove all loose objects that are outdoors. Loose objects can become dangerous projectiles in heavy winds. They can cause damage to your buildings, break windows–even cause injury. Everyday objects that you take for granted, such as lawn chairs can cause a lot of damage when being propelled by a 60km wind.

If you can’t remove an object, find a way to fasten it, tie it down or otherwise secure it. It could save your property, protect you from injury or even save your life.

Move your valuables to a safe place so they aren’t affected by the storm. Keep valuables away from windows, doorways, or areas that can flood easily. Anything that can be damaged by water should end up in the place where it is least likely to happen.

Make sure that laptops, tablet computers and mobile phones are fully charged. In a power outage, you don’t want to be left without communication. Also make sure you have batteries for devices such as radios or emergency equipment, and keep candles and extra drinking water on hand.

During the Storm

In case of a power outage, check the RCD’s in your power box. Reset the RCD’s; this will ensure that your power will come back on immediately if the outage was caused by a surge, or that it will come back on as soon as power is available.

Always call Synergy 13 13 51 and tell them about your outage.

If it is too dangerous to stay at the property, call SES on 132 500 and call your property manager immediately.

After the Storm

In case of damage, you should take photos and then call your property manager. Send the photos to the property manager. Give your Perth property manager a few days to make repairs; don’t try to make them yourself.

Wrapping it Up

If you need help or more information, call Investors Edge on (08) 9472 1606.

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