Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective clients to help you further understand our services…

Where in Perth do Investors Edge currently manage properties?

A. We are currently managing properties from Ellenbrook and Alkimos in the North to Mandurah and Byford in the South. We manage in 200+ different suburbs, with our property management Perth team efficiently setup to efficiently work from home, conveniently managing properties that are close by to them and able to use our head office at 132 Edward St Perth or our satellite meeting offices when required at-

  • Far North- 15 Dwyer Turn, Joondalup, WA 6027
  • North- 67 Howe Street, Osborne Park WA 6017
  • Western– 1/28-36 Bay View Terrace, Claremont WA 6010
  • Far South- 17/38 Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah WA 6210

So it is very efficient for us to service most of Perth Metro.

Will Investors Edge take on any rental property for management?

A. We have specific criteria for your property to rent for rental price as well as being well presented, maintained and clean. This enables us to more effectively service and manage property for all our clients. Inquire below to discuss your specific property and situation.

What is so great about your online portal for tenants & landlords?

A. We have invested thousands of dollars to develop our online owner portal which gives you 24 hour access to your tenants current payment details, past rental statements, full details & progress of maintenance work orders issued all of your important documents in one handy place.

Online Portal

Does your property management cost me any more than other Property Managers?

A. Our fees are competitive and we aim to deliver far greater value, service and returns for our cost plus all property management fees are tax deductible.

What is an "investor mindset" and how does that help me?

A. Our investor mindset sets us apart from the typical property manager because we understand what you are going through in owning a rental property and we are on your side to handle the stress for you. As well as owning property ourselves we train the team in how to maximise returns, troubleshoot maintenance and protect your rental property as if it is ours.

Do I have to wait until my lease is up to change my property manager?

A. No, it is your management authority that is important. Once it has run out with your existing Property Manager you are free to move the management elsewhere. If your manager has delivered bad service you may have grounds to terminate your contract earlier.

How do I change over to Investors Edge as my property manager?

A. Follow the steps for listing your property here and after appointing us as your manager all you need to do is notify your existing Property Manager in writing with our template email and we will be in touch with them to arrange handover of everything.

What is so important about a thorough Property Condition Report (PCR)?

A. The standard industry PCR is very basic and in our experience a more comprehensive Property Condition Report is critical to establishing a solid benchmark for the condition of your property and essential for your insurance. Digital photos should be taken and formatted into the PCR to further verify the condition of the property. Photos are particularly useful to show the state of the garden and outdoor areas that are more difficult to describe effectively.

What is so important about keeping on top of rental arrears?

A. In the event that your tenant arrears have not been properly handled with the appropriate notices and follow up, your landlords protection insurance can be voided…. Leaving you with a big hole in your wallet that the bond may not be sufficient to cover.

How does paying out the trust account weekly benefit me?

A. Whatever money we are holding on your behalf is cleared to your account every Friday, which helps your cash flow and saves you interest charges. It also means that our tradespeople are payed quicker, so they love responding to our work requests. Most agents only payout at the end of the month so if your tenant happens to pay a whole month’s rent in the first week of the month, then that money will sit in the agent’s Trust Account for almost a whole month before you get it.

I only have the 1 property, is the Investors Edge property management service over kill for me and will I still get the same level of service as owners with more properties?

A. We have clients with 1 property right through to as many as 14 properties and we value all our clients. We are all investing in ourselves and in each other to create wealth for a better future.

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions for Current clients to help you further understand our services…

How do I login to your Owners Portal to get access to my documents and statements?

A. The link to the Owners Login is off of the Property Management menu or you can get there directly by going Here. If you are logging in for the first time you can simply request a password reset and you will receive an email to your email that has been registered to us. If you are having any trouble please contact your property manager.

Here is more info on our uniquely award winning and highly rated Property Management Perth that guarantees your peace of mind.

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