The Investors Edge Story So Far

The Investors Edge Story So Far

So why invest in Property?

At 16 years of age our owner and Managing Director Jarrad Mahon was given the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. Reading it blew his mind and changed his life for ever!

It told the story of a boy who had a poor dad (his real dad), who was a slave to money. He was school smart, thinking that to be successful you only needed to get good grades, a well paying job with benefits and work really hard. He ended up working his whole life to get nowhere and didn’t have the money to be able to enjoy new experiences, travel or retire comfortably.

He also had a rich dad (which was his friend’s dad). He leveraged money & businesses to work hard for him, learning by taking action and relying on a team of advisers. Over time he became financially free so that he could spend time and money enjoying a quality life with his family.

It showed Jarrad that the traditional path didn’t lead to financial freedom and that given the right knowledge, mindset and team anyone could create a quality life for themselves.

From learning to earning

Jarrad started learning as much about property investment as he could by reading books, attending seminars and chatting with other property investors. All the while he was studying to be an electrical engineer at the University of Western Australia. At the age of 22 he had graduated engineering and gotten his first job and new it was time to get his first property deal.

So Jarrad wrote an investing business plan, which included the strategy to buy a property in Huntingdale under market value, renovate it and then sell for a profit. He took the plan around to his next door neighbours and one of them was thinking of partnering with Jarrad. Upon hearing about the neighbours interest, his parents thought they had better see what was in this plan.

Jarrad’s First Business Plan

Upon looking it over they were very impressed and despite not having done any investing themselves, they asked Jarrad if they could partner with him. So Jarrad’s first business partner was found. They proceeded to execute on the plan, working tirelessly on nights and weekends to buy and renovate a house. Six months later, they pocketed a very nice profit for all their efforts!

Jarrad then continued to invest using renovation, subdivision and building as strategies in Perth and then in other states of Australia. Not all of his investing went well however. At the time of the global financial crisis he was holding too many properties that were costing him a lot of money each week. He has learned more from his failures than he ever did his successes.

The beginning of Investors Edge Real Estate

Jarrad met Denise Thompson at a property investor networking event in 2006, and it had turned out they were both doing a subdivision in High Wycombe. That wasn’t all they had in common!
They were both fed up with receiving poor service from their property managers. Finding them to have an utter lack of understanding for their needs as landlords and after much research they couldn’t find any real estate agency that had an investment mindset combined with great customer service.
Thanks They saw a serious gap in the real estate industry and after much planning they decided to open their own agency named Investors Edge Real Estate in March 2008. They both had a burning desire to help other improve the quality of their lives, while continuing to learn as much as they could about property investing.

“They both had a burning desire to help other investors improve the quality of their lives, while continuing to learn as much as they could about property investing.”

Jarrad brought a tech savvy, systemised and creative approach to the business. Denise had 15 years of real estate experience in sales and property management and had been renovating her way through Lesmurdie and Kalamunda.

Begging their friends to use them

Together they built the agency to initially focus on property management. They first convinced their friends to use their services, and by going above and beyond for each client, the word started to spread. They started obsessively listening to feedback and using it to make countless changes to improve the experience for tenants and landlords.

With a growing business, the small team fought to deliver consistently but they continued to improve and bend over backwards to impress each client.

Continuous learning and improvement

They kept learning, by reading hundreds of business and customer service books and attending countless seminars. Slowly they adopted procedures, created standards, training programs, role descriptions and systems to improve their level of service and get more done with less time. They also worked with some great business coaches to hold them accountable and highlight further areas to improve.

This lead to Denise winning the REIWA Property Manager of the year award in 2010. Giving them the opportunity to travel around Australia and pick the brains of some of the very best in the industry. After coming back they took their property management to a completely new level by using what they had discovered.


They implemented a unique structure designed to give clients peace of mind which included paying their staff a revenue share on the portfolio they managed, while adopting the industries tightest standards and guarantees of service.

Adding property sales to their services


It was soon clear that anyone that has invested money in property needed a savvy selling agent, so they began selling homes all across Perth. Jarrad learned fast, refining his selling & marketing skills with help from the very best trainers in Australia. He was soon getting record sale prices for clients and began training a small sales team to do the same.

Sharing his experience

Jarrad has always gotten a buzz out of sharing what he knows, which has manifested in hundreds of blog posts, articles, reports and seminars which continue to help clients invest smarter and avoid costly mistakes. He now speaks at some of the biggest industry conferences around Australia sharing their unique systems and approach to property management. He regularly contributes to a variety of industry publications and media outlets giving his insights into the Perth property market.

Hard work pays off

In September of 2013 the agency won more REIWA Awards for Excellence that year than any other brand in Western Australia. This included the Small Residential Agency of the year, Residential Property Manager of the year (Jewayne Loong) and the Service Excellence award.

In April of 2014 Investors Edge officially became one of the best property managers in Australia by winning Property Management Company of the year, by Leading Property Managers Australia. To cap off an amazing year, in November Jarrad was listed in the Top 40 Under 40 Business Owners and Entrepreneurs by WA Business News. All the team’s hard work was being acknowledged.

An opportunity for further growth

In November of 2015 Jarrad bought Denise’s share of the business to become sole owner and Managing Director, with both of them remaining very good friends. This also gave a great opportunity for some of their team to step up into management roles and continue growing with the business.

Maintaining their position as industry leaders

In 2016 Investors Edge took out the honor for national Property Management Agency of the year and Client Service Award at the PPM Conference on the Gold Coast.

Then in 2018 they were again awarded Property Management Agency of the year by PPM cementing their place as one of the most highly awarded property managers in Australia.

This recognition meant a lot to the team because of how tough the Perth rental market had been over this time for landlords and property managers, having some of the highest rental vacancy rates in Australia at the time. “We had to really up our game to become twice as good in every aspect of our business just to cope with the market” said Jarrad.

Jarrad Mahon at PPM Awards

Exciting times ahead!

Investors Edge Real Estate now manages property in over 200 Perth suburbs. With a dedicated team who share the same investment mindset and passion for improving the lives of everyone they work with.

They can help you with your most important property decisions anywhere in Perth and they look forward to sharing your property investment journey!

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