Perth Property Insider Ep. 42 – Perth Property Market Update: Spring into Action!

For our quarterly update, I’ve conducted extensive research regarding the Perth property market to guide you in your real estate journey. Discussing the current figures on the Perth sale and rental market, property clock timing, the different factors and policy changes affecting the real estate market, and the economic highlights and predictions.

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Perth Property Insider Ep. 41 – Four Ways We Can Help You Buy Well

Investing in a property is one big step forward, while there is lots of profit potential, a big mistake can cost you a fortune and drown you in stress.
Lack of essential knowledge in property investing can lead you to dire consequences.

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Perth Property Insider Ep. 40 – Armchair Guide to Property Investing Success with Bryce Holdaway Pt 2

Welcome back for Part 2 of my exciting conversation with Bryce Holdaway and his armchair guide to property investing success! For this episode, Bryce shares his answer to the property investment trick question– whether investing for capital growth or cash flow is bettee, and more!

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Perth Property Insider Ep. 39 – Armchair Guide to Property Investing Success with Bryce Holdaway Pt 1

If you want to build a property portfolio that gives you $2000 a week passive income, it helps to have a guide from one of Australia’s most successful property investment advisers and investors.

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Perth Property Insider Ep. 38 – Finding Your Next Property Deposit

Once you start investing in property, it only makes sense to keep going, right? But how do you find the money for your next deposit? Accumulating wealth and building a solid property portfolio starts with the right money management and investment techniques.

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Perth Property Insider Ep. 37 – Transformational Renovations with Kellie Dobbie

Home renovations are huge undertakings, especially when you plan on renting or selling in the future. Planning for increased owner-occupier appeal ensures you receive massive returns on your investment.

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Learning From My Biggest PropertEpisode 36: Learning From My Biggest Property Mistakesy Mistakes

Perth Property Insider Ep. 36 – Learning From My Biggest Property Mistakes

I am a firm believer of the saying that if you have never made a mistake in your life, then you haven’t done anything. This rings true when it comes to investment.

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Perth Property Insider Ep. 35 – Asset Selection: What, When and How Much? with Stuart Wemyss

I’ve been wanting to take you inside the importance and intricacies of successful asset selection. And what better expert to discuss this with than my financial planner Stuart Wemyss of Pro Solution Private Clients.

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Perth Property Insider Ep. 34: Why Do Most Investors Get Stuck at 1-2 Properties?

Passive income is the ultimate reward of property investment.  Although most investors get stuck at 1-2 properties and are not growing a big enough portfolio to replace their incomes and give themselves a comfortable retirement… So why is that?

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Perth Property Insider Ep. 33: My Criteria for a Top Performing Property

Are you one of those property buyers that have blind-purchased without considering all the factors affecting the future sale and growth potential?…  I sure hope not!

In this episode, I am happy to share my criteria developed from lots of trial and error, and some golden advice from other property investment experts that have come before me.

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Perth Property Insider Ep. 32: Should Property Investment Be Exciting?

Whether it’s your first investment or not, it’s easy to get carried away with the thrill of investing in property!

You lose sight of the basics and possibly end up regretting a few things later that may not be easy to undo. I am no stranger to getting my thrills from investing and boy, did I have a lot to learn!

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Perth Property Insider Ep. 31: Attention Tenants! How to Make Your Rental Application Stand Out with Jewayne Loong

When you’re dead set about securing a rental property, the first thing you need to know is that competition for a tenancy is massive. Property managers can receive multiple applications before they even show the property, so you’ll need to make sure that yours gets their undivided attention!

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