Episode 176: 10 Property Forecasts & 10 Things That Will Stay the Same Over The Next 10 Years With Michael Yardney

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Today, I’m excited to have Michael Yardney of Metropole, one of Australia’s top property investing experts back on the show to discuss what he sees for the next 10 years ahead. We are taking a deep dive into the 10 property forecasts and 10 things that will stay the same. 

There’s a lot of continuous noise in the media, and it’s hard to know what to pay attention to. Michael cuts through all this with his big-picture view of what we might expect over the next decade and helps prepare us with the investing psychology to win!

Let’s go inside.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Intro [00:00]
  2. Property market trends and demographic changes [03:00]
  3. Property Market Trends, High Demand and Limited Supply, Impact of population growth and Infrastructure Development. [09:28]
  4. Homeownership in Australia, Government Incentives, and Stamp Duty [15:27]
  5. Australian Property Market, including Government Policies and Investor Optimism [18:07]
  6. Property Investment Trends for the next decade [22:59]
  7. Housing Market Trends in Australia [28:05]
  8. Wealth Transfer, Aging Population, and Job Displacement [30:14]
  9. Demographic changes, Technology, and Property Market Trends [35:40]
  10. Property Market Trends and Investment Strategies in Australia [40:33]

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