Jarrad Mahon’s Perth Property Market Update – New Year Wrap Up – Jan16

Check out my wrap up of the 2015 Perth Property market- including the latest insights into the Perth sale market, rental market and how to plan for a successful year in property.

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November “Perth Property Market Update” – Where is the bottom?

This Property Market Update is absolutely jam packed!… Check it out now

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Our Client Survey Results EXPOSED!

In this show all video Jarrad Mahon takes you behind the scenes, giving you access to the survey results received from Landlords and Tenants over the last year.

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Should you DIY Property Management…?

Deciding to rent out your property can be a tedious task in itself. The biggest question that faces you here is whether you should opt for a real estate agent to manage your property or do it yourself. It is important that you understand the responsibilities of becoming a landlord before deciding that you don’t need a professional manager. Many

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Is it Time to Sack Your Property Manager? 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Looking Else Where!

Perth Property Management is not just limited to collecting rent from the tenant every month – the landlord should consider everything from the knowledge and experience of the manager for a smooth, convenient and glitch free experience. However, if your property manager is falling behind in handling maintenance or seems disinterested or lazy in communication, it may be time to

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October Perth Property Market Update- More Choice

Tune in for my latest insights into Perth’s sale & rental market, plus the investment opportunities to check out.

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What Tenants Want in A Rental Property

Considering a Rental Property? Find Out What Tenants Want!

We take our responsibilities in Perth  property management as a professionals in the market very seriously. One of our important responsibilities is to keep in contact with tenants. We are the go-between for landlords and tenants, allowing landlords the luxury of never having to meet their tenant and it is best not to. This puts us in the unique position

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Building a Property Investment Portfolio

Tips on Building a Property Investment Portfolio

If you are looking to build an impressive portfolio of investment properties in Perth, remember that property investment starts with having a plan. Property investment has to be approached as a long term strategy with a long term plan and a professional team in place to help you execute. This is the only way to ensure success. Too many investors

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Reduce Debt with Property Managers Perth

Tips To Get You Out of Your Debt Slump and into Investing

At Investors Edge, we specialise in Perth property management and the buying and selling of investment properties in the Perth market. We have worked with a lot of investors over the years helping them make money, save money and sleep well. However, it isn’t always easy. Often our initial consultation reveals that the client needs to do some serious work

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Property Management Perth

New Landlord? Don’t Make These 8 Fatal Mistakes!

How property management can make or break your career as a property investor in the Perth market. If you are a new landlord, there are eight mistakes that will derail your career as a property investor. Let’s take a look at them. Not Treating it Like a Business If you don’t treat investing seriously, expect to make mistakes and lose

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Hire Professional Property Management

Why You Should Hire Professional Property Management

Professional property management can save you thousands of dollars and untold hours of hassle. Before I became a professional in the real estate and property management field, I was an engineer and a DIY property property manager. I made mistakes that cost me a lot of time, money and effort. My biggest lesson learned: if you want professional results, you

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Rules for First Time Landlords

7 Cardinal Rules for First Time Landlords

We manage a lot of investment properties in the Perth property area. When we field phone calls from landlords who are tired of going it alone, we talk to them about the problems they have managing their own properties. If you are still going it alone, here are seven things you must do to prevent failure. Treat it Like a

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