Episode 170: The 4 Financial Tasks Worth Checking Off in 2024 with Lacey Filipich

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Today, we have Lacey Filipich from Money School joining us again, sharing her invaluable insights on not just managing, but truly enhancing our financial well-being. 

We’re diving deep into the essentials of financial adulting, from the importance of superannuation checks to the intricacies of insurance and the critical necessity of a well-structured will. 

Lacey’s knack for making these daunting or potentially boring tasks engaging is unmatched, and together, we’re here to ensure you build a solid foundation to protect and grow your wealth while leaving a legacy in the right hands. 

Whether you are just starting out or you’re a seasoned investor, today’s discussion is about empowering you to take control of some of the small details that can really matter.

Let’s go inside. 

Episode Highlights:

  1. Intro [00:00]
  2. Superannuation and Insurance Fees and Comparisons [02:56]
  3. Insurance Types and Their Financial Impact [08:49]
  4. Life Insurance, Wills, and Estate Planning [13:54]
  5. Estate Planning, Wills, and Superannuation [18:32]
  6. Superannuation and Wills With a Personal Story [23:09]
  7. Outro [28:05]

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