Episode 171: Going From Survival to Significance with Steve McKnight

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In this special throwback episode, we’re revisiting the discussion I had with OG investor Steve McKnight, the visionary author of “From 0 To 130 Properties In 3.5 Years.” I first encountered this transformative book at the age of 20, and it ignited a passion within me, setting me on the path of investment and personal growth.

Today, we’re taking a trip down memory lane with Steve to discuss the incredible journey he’s been on since the release of that pivotal book. We’ll also dive into his latest work, “Money Magnet: How to Attract and Keep a Fortune That Counts,” which has resonated deeply with the core themes of our podcast.

Our conversation underscores a fundamental truth: the power of your mindset and internal compass is paramount, far outweighing the nuts and bolts of investment strategies.

Let’s go inside.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Intro [00:00]
  2. Property Investing and Financial Freedom [04:45]
  3. Parenting, Personal Growth, and Financial Stability [11:58]
  4. Investing and Wealth Growth Strategies [15:27]
  5. Investing Strategies and Risk Management [21:14]
  6. Wealth Management and Giving Back [23:54]
  7. Wealth Creation and Generosity [29:32]
  8. Teaching Kids About Money Management and Investing [35:21]
  9. Financial Freedom and Its Impact on Life [38:39]
  10. Money Mindset and Legacy With Author and Entrepreneur [43:25]

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