5 Signs It Is Time To Sell Your Perth Property

While I always recommend holding onto properties for the long term, sometimes selling makes sense. If you are on the fence about whether or not it is time to sell, then consider these factors.

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A bit of fun, coming to a home open near you!

This dutch guy who is selling his house has come up with the BEST idea for showing buyers through…

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Buyer’s Guide to Property Conveyancing

Purchasing a home is a big step, and the whole process can become quite overwhelming. So its best to have an experienced Settlement Agent on your side to guide you through the tedious conveyancing process and ensure you have a smooth settlement without falling victim to the piles of paperwork. But what exactly is property conveyancing? Let me elaborate in

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Don’t Make These Mistakes When Selling a Tenanted Property!

Finally decided to sell the property that you had on rent for a while? Here is how to get the best outcome for everyone.

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Need to Sell Your Home Fast? Here are Some Helpful Hints!

With more choice in the market for buyers, if you are wanting to sell here are my top tips to ensure that your property sells fast, for the best price!

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When to Sell Investment Property

Moving Up: Knowing When It is Time to Sell

There are numerous reasons to sell an investment property. it can be time to “cash in” your portfolio and retire. The property may be underperforming. Or there may be other factors. If you live in your Perth home and want to “move up,” there are some compelling arguments for knowing when to make your move. Here are some tips.

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Tips to Get Your Home or Investment Property Ready for Sale

How to prepare your home or investment property to maximise returns when it goes up for sale. So, it’s time to cash in your property, put it up for sale and retire. Or maybe you just want to move out of your home and into a nicer one. Either way, you always want to “buy low and sell high.” Here

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Selling Your Property Investment with Video Marketing

The Pros and Cons of Online Video Marketing to Sell Your Home

When selling an investment property or residential home, it is important to market your home properly. Even in a “hot” market like Perth, it is better to be aggressive in marketing than it is to simply put it up for sale and expect it to be found in the listings. Lately, many Australians have turned to a new way of

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How Long Should Your House be on the Market

How Long Should My House be on the Market?

When it’s time to sell your property, you always want to get the highest price possible. However, we sometimes tend to overprice our properties and they sit on the market for too long. The longer you sit on the market the lower down the online search results you will go, until you get to the point where the demand is

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Selling Your Home with Property Managers in Perth

Getting Your Home Ready for Sale

A must read if you are getting ready to sell your home.

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Creating Demand for your Investment Property in Perth

Tips on Creating Demand for Your Property Sale in Perth

Whether it is your residence or an investment property, Investors Edge can help your Perth home command a higher market price by presenting it in the best way possible to the most qualified buyers possible. At Investors Edge, we create demand for your home and create situations where you have qualified buyers bidding against each other for your home. Here

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Auction vs. Asking Price

Auction vs Asking Price: What You Need to Know

You are thinking about selling your investment property in Perth. You have heard about auctions and it looks like a great way to sell your property. On the surface, it looks great; there are people bidding against each other for your property and an auctioneer who is an expert at driving the price up. This looks like a great way

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