Property for Sale

When is the Right Time to Sell Your Investment Property?

One of the biggest issues facing property investors is deciding when to hold on to a property and when to sell. Here we explore the decision.

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Master Bedroom

The One Home Design Factor that Has the Largest Effect on the Sale and Rental Prices of Your Perth Property

No matter what is done to a property, there is one important factor that can have the largest effect of all on the value of your property…. Read what it is

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Choosing the right Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Perth Property

If you are looking to sell your property in Perth, you need to Free Sale Appraisal to maximise your ROI. Here are some factors to consider. Reputation Have you heard of the agent? While we aren’t saying that an unknown agent can’t do a great job, we recommend looking for one who is widely known. In a market like investment

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Real Estate Agents Perth

How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent When Buying or Selling Your Perth Property

Whether you are buying or selling properties in Perth, it is one of the biggest decisions you can make. Having the right agent and the right advice can bring you thousands of dollars for your retirement, and help you maximise your current cash flow. Here are some things you need to know to find the best real estate agent for

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Best sale price for your property

The Six Biggest Money-making Tips for Selling Your Home

There are some fundamental things you must do if you want to command a high market price for your home.

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Perth Property

Achieving a Premium Sale Price for Your Perth Property in this Seller’s Market

Due to the recovery of the WA economy there are now plenty of qualified buyers, but every home buyer still wants to negotiate as low a price as possible. Here are our four essential rules that will ensure you get the best price for when selling.

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Buyer contract default

Buyer contract default, not so simple!

Your buyer has defaulted on their purchase agreement. No big deal, right? Simply accept the breach, terminate the agreement and sue for damages. It’s not that simple, read on…

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Perth Property Appraisal

Perth Property Appraisal Month: Request Yours Now!

Coming into December we will not be bringing any new properties to the market for sale so other than going to Christmas functions, have some time set aside for doing updated appraisals for owners wanting to know where their property now sits in the current market.

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The SHOCKING truth about Residual Current Devices (RCDs)

What you need to know about Residual Current Devices when selling or renting your Perth Property

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If you can’t sell, consider Perth’s low risk property manager

The rental market is booming, have you thought about renting your property out? Great question!… a question that can spark debate, encourage conversation and can seem like a very difficult decision. I encountered a unique story this week that I would like to share with you, that made me think, what is more important a price on my house or a price on my life?

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