Tips to Get Your Home or Investment Property Ready for Sale

How to prepare your home or investment property to maximise returns when it goes up for sale.

So, it’s time to cash in your property, put it up for sale and retire. Or maybe you just want to move out of your home and into a nicer one. Either way, you always want to “buy low and sell high.” Here are some smart tips for taking care of the second part of the equation.

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Emotional Detachment

You must try remove all emotion from the selling process, I know it is hard especially if you have lived in the home for a while. You need to try to see your property through the eyes of your buyer.

That way, you will be in the right headspace to listen to feedback and ultimately make decisions. If the market is not responding as you would like, it is far better to make corrections to price and marketing quickly rather than putting your head in the sand while your property is rapidly going stale. If you are working with a good agent, they will manage the process to keep you on track.


When showing your home, take down all personal photographs and family artifacts. You want prospective buyers to be able to see themselves living their. So present the house to have the strongest appeal to your target buyer, not you.


Clutter makes a home feel a lot smaller than it really is. Get rid of anything you don’t need, you want clean surfaces and open spaces.


If you can’t bear to get rid of things, rent a storage unit or use the garage or back shed. Also, remove excess furniture and reduce your belongings to what is necessary to show the functionality of the room. It will make your home “show” better and get you a head start on moving.


Repairs have a funny way of rearing their head at the worst possible times. The buyers have come back for their second look and are just about to make a decision and they discover that there is work needing to be done that they hadn’t previously seen and so now they are worried about what else they have missed and trust has been lost with the agent and seller.

Even if repairs go undiscovered they will likely come to light at the final inspection, so it is far better to fix any items before going to market or make an exclusion of them in the contract.

Here are some obvious repairs to check-

  • Replace cracked tiles on floors or counters.
  • Patch any holes in the walls.
  • Make sure that every door closes properly. Remember to do the same for cabinet doors and drawers.
  • Fix all leaky faucets.
  • Paint your walls: go for neutral colours.
  • Clean everything, especially cobwebs.

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  1. Great advice. I will be ensuring I do all of the tips you have given to prepare my house for sale.

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