How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent When Buying or Selling Your Perth Property

Whether you are buying or selling properties in Perth, it is one of the biggest decisions you can make. Having the right agent and the right advice can bring you thousands of dollars for your retirement, and help you maximise your current cash flow. Here are some things you need to know to find the best real estate agent for your Perth property.

Real Estate Agents Perth

Selecting your Buyers Agents

How will they help you find your next property?
If your Free Sale Appraisal doesn’t have a step by step plan to prevent mistakes and get the best deal possible, it may be time to check out someone who does.

Are they an investor themselves?
If they don’t regularly buy investment properties for themselves how can you expect them to understand what you are going through and how to get the best result.

Current market value
Is the agent forthcoming with sales data telling you the current market value for the kind of property you are looking for, making sure you don’t over pay?

Expected rental price
How much rent can you expect to collect on your investment property? Can they provide evidence?

Have they used the investment strategy that you are planning to use- Buy & Hold, Renovation, Subdivision, Development. They need to know how to buy at the right price to make money.

Suburb Selection
How do they go about helping you select suburbs that will outperform the market. They should have local knowledge combined with analysis tools.

Property management
Are your property managers the best in the industry? Or do they just do property management as an add-on to make a bit more money? Always go with a company that specialises in investment properties.

Selecting your Sellers Agent

Marketing strategies
What marketing strategies will they use to sell your home?

Efficient leads
Find out where your agent advertises, how often, and which sources are the most efficient. Don’t pay for advertising that doesn’t produce.

Marketing materials
Ask to see a sample of actual marketing materials from live campaigns.

Internet presence
If your agent doesn’t have an Internet presence, go somewhere else. If they do, find out where they market themselves and their clients.

Make sure your agent has references and testimonials. If they don’t, find someone who does. Success and results leaves very definite clues.

Ask yourself if you can see this agent being your agent for the rest of your investment life.

Is their service guaranteed? If not, find someone who guarantees their services and will not hold you to a contract.

Get the Investor’s Edge

At Investors Edge, we can help with every major property decision. We live, breathe, eat, and sleep Perth Property. We have years of experience in helping Perth buyers and sellers invest smarter.

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