Perth Property Insider Ep. 34: Why Do Most Investors Get Stuck at 1-2 Properties?

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Passive income is the ultimate reward of property investment.  Although most investors get stuck at 1-2 properties and are not growing a big enough portfolio to replace their incomes and give themselves a comfortable retirement… So why is that?

In this episode I take you inside the top 10 reasons that I’ve personally found myself and other investors to get stuck, how to avoid them and how to navigate through the challenges.

Some were challenges I made for myself, while others were situations beyond my control but I still had to resolve them. Had I known then what I know now, the hurdle would have been a lot less stressful and would not have sidelined me for as long.

Tune in now because if you have not yet come up against one or more of these challengers you soon will!


  1. Introduction [00:00]
  2. #! Not having a plan is not the plan [05:25]
  3. #2 Failure to save is a recipe for disaster [07:27]
  4. #3 Is finance holding you back? [10:01]
  5. #4 Short sighted focus [12:36]
  6. #5 Being at the wrong place, at the wrong time [14:46]
  7. #6 Not having the right asset selection [16:56]
  8. #7 Don’t be an excitement seeker  [17:59]
  9. #8 Your reason “why” is not strong enough [18:57]
  10. #9 Bad property management [20:30]
  11. #10 Not letting your mistakes teach you [22:32]

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Jarrad Mahon is the go-to guy in property management and investment in Perth, giving you his insider view on the Perth market and the strategies needed for you to grow your wealth and improve your life. All you need to do is to stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “Perth Property Insider Ep. 34: Why Do Most Investors Get Stuck at 1-2 Properties?

  1. What kind of 1-2 properties do you see that people are stuck with? Would that be someone buying a PPOR and then go on an buy another one or two properties. Are these 1-2 properties generally in $1-$2 million range or higher ? What kind of $$ are we seeing in those people with 1-2 properties? If someone brought 5x$200K properties it may look more but $$ values may need to be taken into account.

    1. Definitely not just about the number of properties but what they give you… But everyone feels stuck at some point, hopefully this will help those feeling stuck now

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