Always room for improvement & the winner is…

As you may already know we are constantly looking to improve all aspects of our service and who better to ask than all of our existing clients… Here we look at the insights from our most recent client survey and the hidden areas for us to improve, plus watch the prize draw video below to see if you were the winner of our fabulous gourmet hamper.

There is always room for improvement

This month we carried out the most extensive survey we have ever done to explore all aspects of our service and see how we can improve the experience for both our tenants and our landlords. Denise and I have just sat down for 4 hours today going over every response and we wanted to share some of the insights here with you and some of the areas we have immediately taken action to improve.

How do our current landlords feel about our Property Management service?

It was really encouraging for us to see that we had over 75% of our clients that were very satisfied or over joyed and 86.4% were happy to refer others to our service. It was also great to hear from the one dissatisfied client, enabling us to correct the communication issues that existed in that instance. We aim to further improve our systems and processes, keep ever focused on proactive communication and the the one per-centers that over a year add up.

What factors of our service do our landlords value the most?

How do our current tenants feel about our Property Management service?

Our tenants are just as important to us as our landlords… many people don’t realise that although having a property portfolio, I myself am a tenant of a property (not under our management). Here we found that only 2 of our tenants surveyed felt that they were dissatisfied with our service and in each case they were renting properties we had just taken over the management from another property manager. We are looking forward to giving everyone the respect and service they deserve.

Key areas for Property Management improvement as identified by our landlords & tenants

Our Service Structure- With the changes in our service structure many clients wanted clarity as to how the roles of the team are now defined. We have immediately sent a thorough outline of the roles and responsibilities of each of the team to all tenants and owners.

Proactive Communication- We have had feedback on incidences of phone calls and emails not being returned in a prompt enough manner. We have recently implemented our proactive communication guarantee, please ensure your manager returns all calls or emails within the same business day or we will pay you $100.

Monthly Statements- Landlords wanted to know if there was any way we could make our monthly statements any clearer to read. We are looking into other formats available from our software provider.

Routine Inspection Feedback– Landlords wanted to receive a phone call with feedback on their properties routine inspection. We have now made it part of our process to call every owner within 24 hours of the inspection, leaving a message if contact is not possible.

Owner & Tenant Online Login- We received feedback that some clients were not yet able to log into their online accounts to view statements. We are planning to notify all clients of their user names and the process to log in to view their statements.

Our Service Area– Many owners wanted us to service further south and north of Perth and in other states. We currently manage in 87 suburbs, having a criteria for what properties we are prepared to manage… however over the next 12-24 months we should be in a position to extend our Perth service area.

Congratulations to the lucky gourmet hamper winner!!

Every client who completed our feedback survey went into the prize draw to win a fabulous gourmet hamper packed full of goodies, books and gift vouchers to save on our service and go out to dinner on us. Watch this video now to see who won…

A BIG Thank You to our clients

We truly value every landlord and tenant and appreciate the time each of you took in helping us to make our service better for you. We are not infallible and if our service is ever below your expectations please let us know so we can correct it.

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