Episode 148: Investing In Your Health to Grow Younger While Celebrating More Birthdays

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Today, I’ve got Salem and Melissa Domiati on the show and they’re from the Longevity Lab… We’re going to be delving deep into what exactly longevity is and how they can help you live better for longer. 

As I’ve been going through my journey with them, I’ve discovered that there are so many parallels between the creation of wealth and the creation of your health and longevity. So we’re going to explore some of those core concepts today. 

After all, what’s the point of being wealthy if it doesn’t include your health and living better for longer? 

Let’s dive in!

Episode Highlights:

  1. Intro [00:00]
  2. Longevity, Healthy Aging, and Personalized Advice [02:26]
  3. Longevity and Well-being Principles [07:41]
  4. Habits for Longevity and Wealth Creation [13:36]
  5. Health and Wealth Habits, Risk Management, and Personalized Approaches [19:01]
  6. Preventing Injuries and Staying Healthy as We Age [23:47]
  7. Preventing and Optimizing Health Issues in Aging Population [26:31]
  8. Aging, Fitness, and Sleep With a Focus on Balance [31:58]
  9. Balancing Healthy Habits With Social Life and Travel [37:18]
  10. Genetic Testing and Personalized Health Plans [42:28]
  11. Longevity and Wellness Workshops for Corporations and Organizations [47:50]
  12. Outro [52:02]

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