Episode 164: Tactics to Optimise Your Investing in 2024

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Today, I’m here to guide you through the often overlooked, yet crucial small steps that can significantly boost your investment returns. 

Using these tactics should not be confused with having an overarching strategic plan but when implemented together they can be incredibly powerful in helping you acheive more wealth sooner. 

This episode is packed with insights, even reminding me, an experienced investor, of valuable tactics to revisit for optimizing my portfolio. 

Join me as we explore these tactical tweaks that could be game-changers in your property investment journey in 2024.

Let’s go inside. 

Episode Highlights:

  1. Intro [00:00]
  2. Investment Strategies With a Focus on Loan-to-value Ratio [06:18]
  3. Finance Tactics for Property Investors [11:50]
  4. Real Estate Investing Strategies and Increasing Borrowing Capacity [16:40]
  5. Increasing Rents and Property Maintenance [21:37]
  6. Property Investment Strategies and Tactics [26:31]
  7. Suburb Selection for Real Estate Investment [31:40]
  8. Real Estate Negotiation Tactics [37:19]
  9. Property Investing Tactics for 2024 [43:35]
  10. Outro [49:10]

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