Episode 76: Does Renovation or Development Add Up? With Stuart Wemyss

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I often get asked if it’s worth using a renovation or development strategy or if that same money should just be used towards buying a better quality or additional property… 

So I got Stuart Wemyss from Prosolution Private Clients on the show to run us through the numbers and his thinking on what strategy stacks up best over the long term.  

He shares with us his insights and detailed analysis using 3 scenarios he came up with to really give us clarity on the various options for how best to potentially invest for the greatest returns.

There’s so much to learn from this episode so let’s go inside!

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Introduction [00:00]
  2. Steps to Take to Maximize Long-term Value [02:19]
  3. Values and Appeals Over the Short Term with Renovation and Development [06:38]
  4. Benefits of Renovating or Developing an Untouched Property [11:06]
  5. 3 Scenarios for Financial Analysis [15:41]
  6. Scenario #1: Close Renovation [16:04]
  7. Scenario #2: Full Redevelopment [16:25]
  8. Scenario #3: Small Property Development [16:47]
  9. Comparison of The 3 Scenarios [17:24]
  10. Risks and Potential Returns [24:22]
  11. Key Takeaways [26:23]
  12. Transferring of Assets [28:01]
  13. Outro [31:41]


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