Episode 94: What Is Holding You Back From Investing More?

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Why do investors sometimes hold themselves back from investing more when they could or should be taking action?

We again have Stuart Wemyss from Prosolution Private Clients on the show to guide us through the mindset and psychology and how to set yourself up to be able to grow and build a portfolio that delivers life changing wealth.

Stuart discusses the main reasons why people don’t invest as much as they could and these have also held me back in the past. 

Lots of deeper psychology to cover in this episode, so let’s go inside!

Episode Highlights:

  1. Introduction [00:00]
  2. 90% of property investors own just one or two properties [01:10]
  3. 40% of self managed super funds are invested in cash [02:47]
  4. A challenge for the vast majority of Australians [03:26]
  5. The main reasons that people don’t invest as much as they could? [04:26]
  6. Investing is simple, but not easy [05:08]
  7. Fundamentals don’t change [06:40]
  8. The way we do business really hasn’t changed. [07:32]
  9. Who do I need to know to move ahead? [10:10]
  10. Does it suit your strategy? [11:45]
  11. Not just put everything away for retirement [13:12]
  12. Success is a lot about discipline [15:33]
  13. Spread your timing risk on as much as you possibly can [16:53]
  14. The worst time to stop investing is when there’s volatility [18:52]
  15. Volatility creates opportunities [20:52]
  16. It’s simple, but not easy [22:54]
  17. It’s probably more about human psychology [23:05]
  18. Financial decisions are multifaceted [24:17]
  19. Outro [26:01]

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