Perth Property Insider Ep. 60 – Best & Worst Suburb Price Performers for 2021

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When looking at median house price data, it’s easy to get lost in analysis-paralysis or come to the wrong conclusions entirely. Especially when you see how median prices are so easily distorted by a few factors that I’ll be discussing in today’s episode.

Join me as I deep dive into the best and worst suburb median house price performers in Perth last year. To give you more insight, I won’t just be blindly throwing suburbs and numbers at you, but I’ll also explain what appears to have increased and how you can use median price data effectively.

Choose the right suburbs to invest in 2022 using all the information I’ll be sharing with you today. Let’s go inside!


  1. Introduction [0:00]
  2. What is a median house price? [1:45]
  3. Where can you find the median price data? [2:16]
  4. Reasons why median price data can be easily distorted [2:59]
  5. Utilising the median house price [6:34]
  6. How median house price can be used the wrong way [8:36]
  7. Top 15 suburbs for growth in median house price [12:38]
  8. Observations taken from looking at the top 15 suburbs mentioned [14:43]
  9. Breakdown of growth rates for the Perth metro area [17:18]
  10. Taking a look at the 20 submarkets across Perth [20:55]
  11. Approaching suburb selection without getting lost in analysis-paralysis [22:31]

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