When is it time to look for a new Perth Property Manager?

Are you receiving the Perth Property Management service that you deserve?

No Perth Property Manager is infallible and sure we are certainly not perfect either but the difference is in how we address issues quickly when they occur and really care about getting it right. It’s usually not just one reason that prompts an investor to change manager but a whole bunch of small reasons that add up over time.

What do you expect from your Perth Property Manager?

Here is an insight into just some of the reasons that our new owners have decided that it’s time to change who looks after their most important asset.

  • Do you feel like you never hear from your Property Manager? [Yes/No]
  • And when you do is it always bad news? [Yes/No]
  • You never receive the routine inspection and property condition the reports you pay for? [Yes/No]
  • And when you do they are vague and don’t contain any photos [Yes/No]
  • Does your property Manager forget to conduct 6 monthly rent reviews? [Yes/No]
  • When they do increase the rent it’s not based on recent rental data and current market price but plucked from the sky? [Yes/No]
  • Does your tenants late payment of rent get left too long before anything is done about it? [Yes/No]
  • Do you never receive a copy of your tenants lease? [Yes/No]
  • Are your leases being re-signed after their expiry date? [Yes/No]
  • Is your property manager dragging their feet on maintenance issues, resulting in them getting worse? [Yes/No]
  • Do they not seem to care or even think about improving your property returns? [Yes/No]
  • Do they have no clue about property investing and cant help you to actively add value to your portfolio? [Yes/No]

If you  answered yes to more that one of the above questions you are not alone and it is probably a good time to look for a new Perth Property Manager.

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