Ashfield: A Future Employment Hub?

Ashfield is located 9 km from the Perth CBD, qualifying it as a “middle ring suburb.” It is located within Bassendean, on the Swan River. The Ashfield Railway Station services the Midland Railway Line, providing easy access to the CBD. It is a very small suburb, measuring 0.7 square kilometres.

Property Investment in Ashfield WA

The Demographics

According to the 2011 Census, Ashfield has a population of 1,256, of which 52.9% are male and 47.1% female. The median age in Ashfield is 38 years old, which is one year higher than Australia’s average. The unemployment rate is 6.9%, which is a bit high, but we will address that later. 21.9% of Ashfield’s workforce are professionals. Techs and tradies are the next highest portion of the workforce at 17.4%, while administrative and clerical workers comprise 12.7%. 11.6% are classified as labourers, while 8.7% are managers.

The median individual income is a bit low at $592 per week while household income is also a fairly low $1091 per week, but families earn $1,549 per week. The median home price is $515,000 and median rent is $250 per week. 42.8% of homes are rented, which is a very high proportion.

The Ashfield Precinct Plan

According to the demographics, Ashfield is an affordable suburb with more people who perform physical labour than the average suburb. It has a busy rental market, and we have no trouble attracting quality tenants here. Capital growth over the last 12 months has been at 10.28%. We see this rate as sustainable, thanks to the Ashfield Precinct Plan.

Ashfield officials see Ashfield as having the potential for high long-term growth due to what it calls “large areas of relatively underutilised land” and a lot of what they call “strategically located industrial land.” Their proximity to the Midland Railway Line also bodes well for future growth. Their goal is to turn Ashfield into a “major employment” based activity centre.

Projected improvements include: a strong focus on employment, “major redevelopment” of both existing and potential industrial areas, an eco-industrial village, integration with the railway station and higher residential densities. Pay close attention to density; you could buy now and subdivide later when the regulations change.

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  1. Hi Jarrad, are you sure that is the correct median for Ashfield (WA)? That looks closer to Ashfield (NSW)!

    Thanks for the article. Ashfield is certainly an interesting one to watch.

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