Furnished or Unfurnished? A Tenant’s Predicament

Whether you’re moving to an entirely new city or just to a new apartment complex, many variables need to be taken into account when choosing a new residence. It needs to be the right size, in the right area, with the features and amenities that you want. One general decision that has to be made when choosing a new place is whether you want a furnished or unfurnished property. There are pros and cons to each, and it’s worth considering each to ensure you make the right decision.before furnished


One of the main benefits to a furnished apartment is that it makes moving easy. Forget about carrying large furniture up a flight of stairs, and if it’s likely you won’t be in your new residence long, you don’t have to worry about moving heavy items all over again just a few months later. Of course, you won’t have to pay for new furniture, which is a bonus, and if you’re making a big move in a short time frame, renting a furnished apartment is a safer bet when you haven’t had the chance actually to see the apartment for yourself.

Costs and Reimbursement for Damages

There are drawbacks to renting a furnished apartment. The security bond and rent are going to be more expensive, and because there’s already furniture present that doesn’t belong to you, there’s a higher liability for any damage that may happen to the furniture. If your pet cat decides to stretch out his claws on that nice new sofa, you’re going to have to pay for it.

Freedom to Decorate

If you’re a person who enjoys decorating, you’re not going to have much control if the place is already furnished. If you want the feel of a crisp, modern style apartment, but your landlord has more of a 19th century Victorian England thing going, you’re out of luck.

Less Choice

Finally, if you are set on having a furnished apartment, you’re just not going to have as much of a selection. A large share of furnished properties are geared towards young professionals or college students, so if you’re neither, it might just be better to buy some decent furniture and give yourself a much larger selection of possible unfurnished properties.

Picking a furnished or unfurnished apartment will probably come down to your living situation. If you don’t plan on living at a place for long, a furnished apartment might be the way to go. You can avoid buying new furniture, the difficulty of relocation, and subsequently, finding people who will buy it again. However, if you think you might be living at a place for a substantial period and have a flare for your own personal decorating style, searching for an unfurnished property to make your mark is the way to go.

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