Perth Property Insider Ep. 05: Subdividing with Jay Sidhu Part 1

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Ready to profit from your first subdivision? Before you start going around town in search of the perfect property, you might want to stop and check out these essentials first.

Jay Sidhu, Director at Vision Surveys Consulting, shares his wealth of knowledge and experience on everything about subdividing. Today, let’s all learn a thing or two about how subdivision can add value to our investments as we talk about the important property factors you need to know and be aware of, mistakes investors make when developing and more!

There’s a lot to unload in this episode so grab your pens & paper and tune in now!



Episode Highlights:

  1. A look into Jay’s investor journey [01:59]
  2. Investing in Joondalup then and now [03:25]
  3. Jay’s subdivision investment strategy [06:01]
  4. His advice to budding investors [08:49]
  5. Choose a strategy that you’re comfortable with [09:41]
  6. Common mistakes investors commit when managing subdivisions [11:19]
  7. The importance of soil type when choosing a property [12:19]
  8. The significance of slopes when developing a subdivision [16:33]
  9. Communication makes it easier to build boundary fences [18:38]
  10. Being aware of bores upon demolition and construction [21:07]
  11. Current activities in the Perth market [24:41]
  12. Jay’s forecast on the Perth market [27:10]
  13. Can new investors still take advantage of the grant? [28:39]

About Our Guest:

Jay Sidhu has been working in the surveying industry since 2009 before stepping into his Director role at Vision Surveys Consulting in 2019. His breadth of experience and insight helped him gain advantage over other consultants in the area. Currently, he is a candidate for MBA with the Curtin Graduate Business School at Perth, WA.

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