Perth Property Insider Ep. 12: Choose Your Agent Before Choosing Your Property Investment with Jewayne Loong

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When it comes to property investing, choosing your agent first before you choose where and what to buy comes with significant benefits. The right agent can help you avoid the costly mistakes and purchase a top performing asset, assist with any renovations and find you high quality tenants all during your settlement period. 

Today, my colleague Jewayne Loong and I talk about the value we can provide by being present on the front end including being able to give insights on a property’s long-term outlook for growth, rentability, resale value, and tons more.

This episode is sure to give you a great insight into how the smart investors leverage a team of experts.

Episode Highlights:

  1. There’s value in having the right agent on the front end [01:58]
  2. Why it’s better to let the agent help you choose the suburb [03:15]
  3. Agents know which areas are proven performers as a good investment [05:59]
  4. Type of property and demographic have a big impact on your investment goals [08:55]
  5. Things people miss that affect rentability [12:26]
  6. The negatives that pull down the desirability of your property [16:44]
  7. Before you make an offer, do this [21:16]
  8. Buyers often miss checking the condition of the property [26:56]
  9. Offering the right price is a balancing act [31:33]
  10. Get access to reliable tradies through your agent [33:06]
  11. A great agent suggests the right time to sell [34:39]
  12. Going beyond client expectations: When an agent gets the most out of your property [37:10]

About Our Guest:

After working for more than 8 years at Investors’ Edge Real Estate, Jewayne Loong has shown great passion for helping property investors improve their property returns. After three years as a Property Manager, he was promoted to Business Development Manager and shows excellent performance to this day. Awarded as the Property Manager of the Year 2013, he helps both landlords & tenants resolve conflicts and shares insights in his monthly blog.


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