Perth Property Insider Ep. 19: Lifestyle Design and Ultimate Fulfillment

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Living a life of happiness and fulfillment is the ultimate goal for everyone, isn’t it?. But some of us end up chasing the wrong things, thinking those would give us happiness.

Being on the journey of finding fulfillment myself, I have picked up some very valuable realisations along the way. So today, I want to talk about my own journey of lifestyle design and the six core human needs which need to be filled up if you want to create a life of happiness and ultimate fulfillment. 

Life isn’t only about making money. There’s the rest of your life to design and think about, and that’s what I’d like to get into because as I have found, all the money in the world will not make you happy and fulfilled.

Find out how to create and live a fulfilling life by listening to this episode.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Chasing money isn’t the answer [02:16]
  2. Don’t neglect time with family until it’s too late [04:45]
  3. You can’t measure fulfillment by one metric alone  [07:15]
  4. Plan a life of fulfillment by asking yourself some questions [08:45]
  5. The 6 human needs we need to fill [12:44]
  6. My own journey to fulfillment [15:06]
  7. What we think will make us happy actually won’t [18:50]
  8. Shifting from chasing money to helping others [19:29]
  9. When you give to the world, the world gives back more [20:40]


About Our Host:

Jarrad Mahon is the go-to guy in property management and investment in Perth, giving you his insider view on the Perth market and the strategies needed for you to grow your wealth and improve your life. All you need to do is to stay tuned!


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