Perth Property Insider Ep. 31: Attention Tenants! How to Make Your Rental Application Stand Out with Jewayne Loong

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When you’re dead set about securing a rental property, the first thing you need to know is that competition for a tenancy is massive. Property managers can receive multiple applications before they even show the property, so you’ll need to make sure that yours gets their undivided attention!

Jewayne Loong joins me again for this episode, to give you the insider tips on how to make your rental application stand out. We’ve got a good list of do’s and don’ts from a property manager’s POV, and some “unconventional” but handy tips that may just help you close that deal!

Ready to get that rental? Tune in right now, and let Jewayne and I help you get ahead of the competition!




Episode Highlights:

  1. Observing the current scope that the average tenants are up against today (01:46)
  2. Tips for a successful tenant-property manager “first date”:
    1. Tip No.1: Put your best foot forward (04:54)
    2. Tip No.2: Abide the process (06:33)
    3. Tip No.3: Mind your viewing manners (07:21)
  3. How to ace your cover letter when applying for tenancy:
    1. Sell a honest and good story about yourself (9:19)
    2. A picture paints a 1000 words (10:09)
    3. Introduce your furry friend of the world (11:32)
  4. Absolute must-do’s for your rental application
    1. Complete your application form to a tee (14:07)
    2. Give your references a heads up (14:39)
    3. Provide a copy of your current rental ledger and proof of income (15:15)
    4. Yay or Nay: should you give a personal reference in your application? (18:51)
    5. The internet is your friend: Sending your application in the right way (19:39)
  5. Show your property manager that you’re a good communicator (20:55)
  6. Ask and you shall receive– knowing what you’re about to offer (21:55)
  7. Things that weaken your rental application and how to bulletproof it (23:15)
    1. Provide your rental history and a reference you can guarantee your credibility as a tenant (23:39)
  8. Privately owned property– to rent, or not to rent? (24:34)
  9. The ins and outs of getting a property manager. (27:10)
  10. Should you really be honest about breaches in your rental history? (29:01)
  11. Consider offering to pay rent in advance to help boost your application (32:12)



About Our Guest:

After working for more than 8 years at Investors’ Edge Real Estate, Jewayne Loong has shown great passion for helping property investors improve their property returns. After three years as a Property Manager, he was promoted to Business Development Manager and shows excellent performance to this day. Awarded as the Property Manager of the Year 2013, he helps both landlords & tenants resolve conflicts and shares insights in his monthly blog.


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