The Importance of Keeping Your House Clean for Routine Inspections

To all tenants: Our Perth property management team would like to give you some tips and some reminders about keeping your house clean for our routine inspections.

Keeping Your House Clean for Routine Inspections for Property Managers

We take care of numerous investment properties in Perth. The owners trust us to keep their homes in great shape and put everything on “autopilot” for them, leaving them time to live their lives while we do the work of managing and maintaining their properties.

We do routine inspections for two reasons. First, it helps the owners keep track of and protect their investment. Second, it gives tenants the opportunity to show us any potential problems that may need our attention.

How a Clean Home Benefits Tenants in the Present

While this may seem to benefit only the owner, there are some great benefits to the tenant, too. Keeping one’s house clean is really its own benefit in a way. It is nicer to live in a clean house than a dirty one. It is also safer. You are less likely to have accidents in a clean house. Keeping your home clean is the one way to improve your living experience that is totally within your control.

But there are also some benefits that have wider implications, having to do with keeping a solid relationship with your landlord. It is important to keep a good relationship with you property manager and your landlord. Not only does it make your day to day interactions more pleasant, but you are “banking” that relationship for your future as a tenant.

How a Clean Home Benefits Tenants in the Future

One of the major benefits of keeping your property clean is that it lets both the property manager and the property owner know that you respect the property. This develops trust between you, the property manager and the property owner.

A clean home also gives the property manager more leverage for a great reference on your rental history. Your rental history is very important for future rentals. Also, if an owner knows you are keeping the home clean, they will usually try to keep you there for as long as you want to be their tenant.

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