Tenants…. Cooling off in your above ground pool…… think again

If you are a tenant that is thinking of installing an above ground pool, blow up pool or spa, think again.

Check your lease agreement

The REIWA lease states that any pool, aquarium or spa must not be installed, without the prior knowledge and written consent of the landlord.

Not only would you be in breach of your lease agreement, you may also be in breach of your council’s regulations.  Each council has slightly different compliance regulations, however, in most areas, a suitable barrier is required for all above and below ground swimming pools that are able to hold water to a depth greater than 300mm.

For further information, click on the link below or contact your property manager.

If you are an owner of an investment property and you know your property has an illegal pool or spa which your property manager is not willing to rectify, perhaps you could contact Investors Edge on 9472 1606 and we will try to assist as much as possible.Check your lease agreement before installing a pool or spa.

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